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Mix and Match

If you have a long commute, many buses and vanpools have bike racks so you can easily mix and match biking with a second alternative commute type.

Save Time & Be Active

Biking is an excellent way to combine your daily exercise routine with your commute. It burns calories, reduces stress, and improves overall health.

Redmond is Bike Friendly

Redmond is a bicycle-friendly city. With miles of dedicated bike lanes and trails, cycling is as safe as it is fun in Redmond.

How to Get Started:

  • Use the City of Redmond Bicycle Map to find your route. For more options, view the maps listed to the right.
  • Consider adding a bus or vanpool to your commute -- many local buses and vanpools have bike racks.
  • Explore the links to the right to find useful tips and information about biking to and from work.
  • Check out the section below to learn about subsidies and incentives for biking.



Tips on Riding your Bike to Work

In the following clip, we'll provide tips and tricks for how to make your ride into work an easy and enjoyable experience.

Biking Incentives

If you live, work or learn in Redmond, you are eligible for the following incentives through R-TRIP (must be 18 years old).

  • R-TRIP Drawings: Participate in monthly R-TRIP drawings through my page where you could win prizes such as gift cards to Redmond restaurants, retailers, entertainment venues, and more. Log in to your my page to participate.
Visit the incentive page for more.



Links & Resources