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Save Money

Sharing the ride can greatly reduce the price of your commute. Take turns driving, or share the price of gas.

Save the Environment

Carpooling takes cars off the road and helps reduce carbon emissions, contributing to cleaner air.

Save Time

Carpooling will give you the pleasure of riding in HOV lanes, and the joy of shaving time off your commute.

How to Get Started

  • Find someone to ride with, or offer a ride to others.
  • Use the Ridematch tool to find vanpools and carpools that match your home and work schedule locations and times.
  • Expand your search for matches with RideshareOnline, another ridematching tool to help you find potential vanpools and carpools.
  • Explore the links to the right to find local park and rides and other resources.
  • Check out the section below to learn about subsidies and incentives for carpooling.

Explore Ridematching

R-TRIP provides for you the opportunity to easily locate and join up with others through the Ridematch system.

RideshareOnline is another ridematching tool that will help you to locate and meet up with potential carpoolers.

Carpooling Incentives

If you live, work or learn in Redmond, you are eligible for the following incentives through R-TRIP.

  • R-TRIP Drawings: Participate in monthly R-TRIP drawings through your My Page where you could win prizes such as gift cards to Redmond restaurants, retailers, entertainment venues, and more. Log in to your my page to participate.
Visit the incentive page for more


R-TRIP Incentives

Links & Resources