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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is R-TRIP?

R-TRIP is a program aimed at rewarding you for your decision to find an alterative way to get to work other than driving alone. Through rewards, incentives, monthly promotions, and centralized information, R-TRIP makes available to you the full spectrum of your commute options.

What is the My Page?

The My Page
 is R-TRIP's peronalized commute page. The My Page requires a username and password so the site can remember the information that you log about your daily commutes. R-TRIP's goal is to help you know the impact that you're having on the environment, while offering you monthly incentives to keep you engaged in whatever alternative commute options you choose.

Do I qualify for R-TRIP?

If you live, work or learn within the City of Redmond, are 18 years old, and commute to a paying job or school, you qualify to sign up for R-TRIP's incentives and rewards.

I don't live or work in Redmond, but I sometimes have meetings there, does that count?

Sorry, you must live within the City limits of Redmond, or commute to a Redmond worksite at a business with a Redmond business license to qualify for R-TRIP rewards. Students, over 18 years old, are also eligible for incentives, but not transit or vanpool subsidies.

I see that there is a $50 incentive, how/where do I sign up for that?

Once you've signed up for R-TRIP, you will find all of the currently available rewards displayed in the Incentives widget of your My Page.

What kind of commutes qualify for R-TRIP rewards/incentives?


I have logged 50 trips, what do I do now?

Claim your reward! On the my page under the Incentives widget, the progress bar for your $50 R-TRIP incentive will display progress as "100%". Below the progress bar in red text will read "Request reward". Click this link and follow the instructions.

How long do I have to enter a commute?

You have 30 days to enter a commute from the day you commuted.

What if I don't use the same mode going to work as I do going home?

Record the commute mode you took getting to work.

Do I have to record my commutes?

Yes! In order to receive your commute incentive(s), you must record your commutes on your Commute Calendar.

Do I have to record my commutes every day? What if I forget?

You can enter commutes up for days up to 30 days in the past, so you can enter your commutes once a week, for example.

I have deleted my email that had my gift card information. Is there anyway I can get that without the email?

Most gift card information is stored within your incentives details on your incentives listing on the my page. Simply check the reward details link to retrieve your gift card.

There are a lot of commute incentives listed on the my page. Are all of these incentives from R-TRIP?

No. Some of the incentives listed on your R-TRIP page are brought to you by partner agencies, and sometimes your employer. R-TRIP helps focus information to commute incentives that you may qualify from organizations throughout the area.

Why don't the trips I count in my calendar match the stats or progress bar?

Be sure that you're not double-counting. For example, accidentally counting the last few days of March as the first few days of April.

If you're an employer with a valid Redmond business license, you can use R-TRIP to organize and implement your CTR program.

Contact Jill Smith to set up an Employer Account with R-TRIP.