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It's Easy

Nearly 30 bus routes run in and around Redmond, making it easier than ever to use transit.

It's Relaxing

Taking the bus can save you money, decrease your stress, and offer you time to read and relax.

How to Get Started

Go to your local transportation agency's website and look up your bus route and schedule.

Each transit agency is different, so be sure to explore the links to the right and learn more about the various fares, programs, and policies.

Check out the section below to learn about subsidies and incentives for taking the bus.

Using Mobile Phone Apps with Transit

Learn how to use your smart phone to better and more efficiently navigate the region's transportation networks on the fly.


If you live, work or learn in Redmond, you are eligible for the following incentives through R-TRIP (Over 18 years old).
  • 1-Month Free ORCA Pass: First time riders are eligible to receive a free 1-month bus pass. Submit a Transit Subsidy Application to R-TRIP by the 20th of the month and you'll receive a 1-month bus pass by the first day of the following month. One transit pass per person. (Not valid for students. Work related commute trips only.
  • R-TRIP Drawings: Participate in monthly R-TRIP drawings through your MR-TRIP page where you could win prizes such as gift cards to Redmond restaurants, retailers, entertainment venues, and more. Log in to your my page to participate.
Visit the incentive page for more.


R-TRIP Incentives

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